Cars and typography, two things I adore. Both born from similar aspects. Precision, balance, form, weight and both can be beautifully crafted. However, they are two things that don’t go together too well.

Sat in traffic some time ago I realised I was staring at 7 different typefaces, SEVEN! All of them poor and only 2 on brand to the car manufacturer.



Now, you may think, who cares or who will notice, and in some ways, you’re right, however… Take Audi for instance, they spend billions of Pounds (Euros) developing cars and their marketing. All of which are slick, on brand and have that lovely synergy running through every aspect of their material. Advertising, probably some of the best in the automotive industry. Brochure, beautifully photographed and designed documents with a whole host of print finished to finish the product off, some now with augmented reality. Then you go into a showroom, which is like something from NASA, clean, bright and laid out with absolute precision. All of which have consistent branding elements, logo, colours, shapes and typeface, two in fact on ALL of their marketing material. So if they went with the same theory of typography they are using inside their cars, the marketing material would look appalling, they wouldn’t do it and you would notice. The brochures and advertising would have a completely uncomfortable feel and not have the same soothing experience. The Audi brand wouldn’t stand for the same qualities and values.

The same must apply inside the cars, if the brand type was flowed inside the cars, they would give a nicer feel and a more comfortable experience. When we’re driving our cars we look out of the windscreen and when our eyes are looking inside the car, we’re looking at a reading or display ie, letters or numbers. The speedo, petrol gauge, radio, air con temperature, gear, sat nav, hands free etc, all of which have a font displayed and all are different.

I don’t understand where their thinking is. I’m in the car for at least 2 hours a day, staring at the font “Eurostile Extended”, please please help! Car manufacturers, sort it out !